Xenter’s revolutionary model is the convergence of device, data, diagnostics and XMD Cloud innovation—fueled by Physical Intelligence™ — to inform today’s clinical decisions and inspire tomorrow’s novel device and drug therapies.

Xenter is infusing novel technologies into workhorse medical devices that gather Physical Intelligence, wirelessly transmit Physical Intelligence into a global healthcare cloud, and use Artificial Intelligence analytics to improve healthcare.
What is Physical Intelligence?

Physical Intelligence (in medicine) data is actionable, real-time data that details a patient’s condition, enables instantaneous clinical decisions, and has historically been archived in Electronic Health Records (EHR’s). Xenter is developing the sensors, chips, and wireless platforms that both collect and house Physical Intelligence data along with a global healthcare cloud where Physical Intelligence can be analyzed using Artificial Intelligence tools.

Physical Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (in medicine) utilizes Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and other algorithms to reason, learn, and problem-solve using collected medical data. However, AI is a limited analytical tool that relies entirely on concrete information compiled from medical devices and procedures. Physical Intelligence, on the other hand, represents a patient’s current condition and allows medical professionals to make intelligent, informed decisions based on a patient’s current health data. While AI is used for predictive analytics, PI can show professionals exactly how patients react to certain processes, prescriptions, or environments in real time.

Device. Data. Diagnostics. Drug Innovation.

MEDIA ALERT — Nov. 15, 2022

11:30am on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022: Utah Valley University Presidential Lecture Series will feature Keynote Speaker Elazer R. Edelman, M.D., Ph.D. (world renowned cardiologist, biomedical

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