Physical Intelligence

Xenter’s revolutionary model is the convergence of device, data, diagnostics and drug innovation–fueled by Physical Intelligence–to inform today’s clinical decisions and inspire tomorrow’s novel device and drug therapies.

What is Xenter?

Xenter is launching new wireless technologies for interventional medicine and creating a digital health platform that aggregates devices, medical data and diagnostics to advance therapeutic drug and device research and development.  It is developing and will deliver a groundbreaking platform for wireless imaging and physiologic data collection to physicians worldwide using entirely new medical devices and systems, to enable patients to own and monetize their medical information, and solve some of the most complex problems associated with medicine and healthcare.

Xenter Medical Technologies (XMT)

Developing smart devices that capture Physical Intelligence data that is populated in Xenter’s XMD Global Healthcare Cloud.



Xenter Digital Technologies (XDT)

Xenter’s Global Healthcare Cloud, XMD, contains Physical Intelligence data originating from XMT’s intelligent, wireless medical devices, XT’s and XMT’s clinical research, patient proteomic and genomic data, and historical patient records.  XMD is explored using Xenter’s advanced AI platform to transform therapeutice drug discovery and improve medical procedures.

Xenter Therapeutics (XT)

Physical Intelligence collected into XMD is utilized to triangulate drug discovery, speed clinical research and target responders.