Xenter, Inc. is developing new medical devices, imaging, and software technologies for modern cardiac care. We recognize the costs and limitations associated with providing world class minimally invasive vascular and structural interventions to all patients, the limitations of existing imaging modalities, and the need to ensure patient and caregiver safety as lifesaving procedures are performed. We also understand the complexities and needs for improved data solutions that drive cost and quality initiatives and the need to create operational improvements and quality measures that continually improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Xenter’s technology solutions include medical devices that provide better imaging and software systems designed to modernize and operationalize best in class cardiac care for all patients, regardless of location or proximity to hospitals. Providing interconnected and world class cardiac care in any location and standardizing and connecting secure integrated data systems is Xenter’s primary objective.


Xenter, Inc. is building an innovative software solution for the modern interventional suite and hospitals through its wholly owned subsidiary, XenterMD, LLC. Utilizing new imaging tools and modalities is just one component of Xenter’s strategy to revolutionize and modernize interventional medicine. These new Interventional imaging technologies enable images and data to be gathered, utilized, stored, and even shared easily and securely. Compliance with regulation, cost containment, and quality improvement are chief among the goals of every hospital and healthcare provider. Xenter is developing and providing new solutions to store unique and improved images, obtain medical device information, store patient data, and utilize this information to improve outcomes, extend and interconnect healthcare, and reduce cost. Whether a private or public healthcare provider, Xenter is the center of healthcare improvement, not just in a specific patient, but in the complex systems surrounding each patient. These improvements can reduce dependency on capital equipment and extend the range and reach of healthcare services to more people than ever imagined.



The imaging and operational tool of the interventional physician is changing. Xenters software App development initiative can revolutionize how physicians conduct their work in the interventional suite. Rather than depending on large, expensive, and fixed imaging systems, Xenter has replaced these outdated machines with new hand-held systems. Once Xenter’s App has been downloaded on a hand-held device, images and data from each procedure can be viewed, manipulated, stored, and queried. The carefully choreographed movements of costly interventional laboratories in hospitals can be an image of the past when Xenter’s App, software, and imaging technologies are utilized to improve patient care and procedural outcome.


Xenter, Inc. is developing new medical devices that enable interventional laboratory quality imaging and medical procedures to be performed outside of the hospital. Xenter’s medical device strategies utilize a revolutionary new technology development approach known as Physical Intelligence (PI), a technique pioneered by Xenter. Whereas Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the scientific application of data analytics to understand complex systems using external data, PI is an applied integrated systems approach that is internal to complex systems, real time, and more intelligent. Simply stated, AI is systems analytics, PI is applied data collection and integrated solutions. Xenter, Inc. is the world’s leader in Physical Intelligence, applied data collection and integrated solutions, and PI medical devices. While many technologies utilize AI alone, Xenter surpasses AI technology through PI solutions and medical devices in interventional medicine. These new advances, we believe, will change the way physicians manage complex disease states and intelligently intervene to improve patient care.