Gary Baldwin

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Baldwin is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur. Gary has a successful career in high technology ranging from the founding of multiple startups through leadership in Fortune 500 companies, including two startup exits.

Prior to joining Xenter as the Chief Technology Officer, Gary led multiple technology companies Engineering and Product teams. In a prior role as VP of Engineering for Cisco Systems, his team was responsible for delivering a high bandwidth Internet data networking platform to almost all carriers worldwide. This product delivered massive improvements in networking performance to most of the world’s metropolitan areas. As Gary and his team like to say ‘we didn’t invent the internet, we just made it go fast’. Gary has also led development organizations at multiple companies, including Cerent, Raytheon/E-Systems, Zipit Wireless, ECI Telecom and Dynepic where he and his teams delivered multiple HIPPA compliant medical devices, cloud based AI systems, DOD SigInt systems and IoT clouds and devices for AT&T and Verizon’s commercial and consumer sectors.

When not working on the next entrepreneurial challenge, Gary likes outdoor sports and spending time with his wife, family and friends, and volunteering as the Board Chair for his local American Red Cross chapter. Gary has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and MS in Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University.