Xenter is launching new wireless technologies for interventional medicine, creating a digital health platform that aggregates device, medical data and diagnostics to advance therapeutic drug and device R&D.
Overall, Xenter’s impressive and evolving IP, together with its aggressive ramp up strategy, will enable the company to achieve its vision of propelling health care into the digital age through:


Therapeutic drugs

Xenter Medical Technologies

Wireless devices

Xenter Digital Technologies

Data-driven Physical Intelligence TM



Xenter Therapeutics (XT): XT has been developing therapeutics for the treatment of various diseases, including certain types of cancer. We have been utilizing Physical Intelligence, which is collected and stored using Xenter’s Global Healthcare Cloud, to enable drug discovery, accelerate clinical research, and target various biomarkers.
Xenter Medical Technologies (XMT): XMT is responsible for manufacturing smart devices capable of capturing and utilizing Physical Intelligence data collected directly from patients. These devices – which are assessed with input from accredited medical professionals – will allow doctors to treat their patients in a smarter, less-invasive, and more efficient way.
Xenter Digital Technologies (XDT): XDT is responsible for developing and operating Xenter’s Global Healthcare Cloud, which gathers and stores Physical Intelligence data. This data is collected using Xenter’s smart, wireless medical devices, clinical research, patient proteomic and genomic data, and historical patient records. XDT’s advanced AI platform has the ability to transform therapeutic drug discovery and streamline medical procedures.



Just as you can use Google Maps’ Artificial Intelligence to get somewhere, you need real-time data when you are driving to know when a truck suddenly stops in front of you.
Through Physical Intelligence, Xenter gives healthcare providers real-time in vivo data to immediately see and act on what’s in front of them to help solve for the patient’s acute issue.

Xenter Therapeutics (XT): Physical Intelligence collected into XMD is utilized to triangulate drug discovery, speed clinical research and target responders.

See the power of Physical Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence within a device or software can guide decision-making, it takes real-time in vivo Physical Intelligence to clearly understand what a patient is experiencing. Xenter’s Physical Intelligence captures the procedural metrics in the moment from device sensors, imaging, blood tests and other data inputs.
These powerful insights inform a patient’s personalized clinical care path and also help identify who is most likely to require readmission—solving for the acute issue and optimizing the durable result.


Xenter is moving healthcare from its siloed limitations to a convergence of device, data, diagnostics and drug innovation. You benefit from this transformational way to diagnose and treat disease and develop new device and drug therapies.