About Us

Xenter’s founders have collaborated on multiple medical devices and clinical trials in interventional cardiology and structural heart disease. Doctors Elazer R. Edelman, MD, PhD at Harvard/MIT (Boston, MA), William A. Gray, MD at Lankenau Heart Hospital and Main Line Health (Philadelphia, PA), Barry T. Katzen, MD at Baptist Hospital and Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute (Miami, FL), and Martin B Leon, MD at Columbia University/New York Presbyterian (New York City, NY) are long time partners working on new medical technologies. Once hearing of the project and the many benefits that it can potentially offer patients around the world, each of them decided to join Rich Linder as the Founding Scientific Board of Xenter, Inc.

Xenter’s exploration and work began in 2017, culminating in a substantial pre-commercial effort beginning early in 2020.